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Kylie – 2 years

I’ve been snapping photos of Kylie since she was brand new.  Here’s how she looked just a year ago.  She’s just as cute now as she was then.  Now, she has the “big girl” attitude to go along with her spunky good looks.  Just ask her mama…

I was so excited to see what her mama had planned for this session.  She always comes prepared and this time was no different.  She had balloons, bubbles, cookies, and an amazingly cute ladybug tutu.  Add to that my stash of fruit snacks and we were all set.

Kylie really wanted to go exploring so it was hard to keep her attention for long.  Believe me, the fruit snacks and cookies came in extra handy!  Notice the orange fruit snack in this first set?  Yep.  I was bribing her like crazy AND asking her to name NEARLY every body part to keep her attention.  Worked like a charm, though.  I love this series!

Last time it was just Mama and Kylie.  This time around, we talked Daddy into coming for a few shots.  I think he lived through it. :)

I love going to Will Rogers Park in OKC.  It’s huge and leaves plenty of room for romping.  We had so much fun chasing Kylie around while she played with her balloons and blew lots of bubbles…

We did have to pause for a cookie or two.  Every girl needs a little nourishment.

Yes, we even got in a game of peek-a-boo.  AND just before leaving, we had to chase the ducks!

And, she’s outta here!

It was a BUSY night with sweet people and a completely adorable two year old.

FYI:  Most of you know my window was busted out and my purse stolen last Saturday while shooting at Will Rogers Park.  If you don’t know, I wanted to give you a heads-up.  Please carry your belongings with you while at the park OR leave anything of value at home.  Apparently, this has been happening fairly frequently this summer.

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