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Kyle and Lahree – 6.13.09

This is a definite teaser post for Kyle and Lahree.  I literally have TONS of photos to proof, but thought I’d proof a handful to post on the blog now.  Their wedding was so much fun to photograph – I met so many interesting folks and even got to eat some yummy wedding cake.  There were lots of cool elements to the wedding, too.  Who knew you could get a Ranch fountain?  Man, I LOVE ranch dressing!  It’s a good thing I had a job to do or it could’ve been very dangerous for my thighs!

Here are a few of my favorites!

I’m starting with the cake because it was so totally cool!  I love butterflies!  The whole wedding incorporated butterflies…

Kyle and Lahree released some during the ceremony.  Then, afterward, the guests got to release some, too!  It was all about celebration and making wishes for Kyle and Lahree.  How cool is that?!

cross437cross269-bwThe butterflies were kept in tiny little triangle boxes…how do they survive in there?  I really have never seen anything like it!


You can’t see them flying away in the above photo, but they were there…soaring to new heights.

I love the idea of having friends and family sign a photo mat instead of a wedding book…something you can actually hang and read each day.  I haven’t pulled out my wedding book since my wedding.  Have any of you?

cross142-bwcross024cross329-bwcross334The wedding was so heartfelt and emotional.  Many of the moments during the wedding were spent dabbing eyes…me included.

cross239That’s Sheena in the background…she’s Lahree’s sister and the Maitron of Honor.  I think she shed more tears than any of us.  It is her little sister, afterall, who’ll be moving away very soon.  She’s having to let go…and let God, and Kyle take over for her.  It must be difficult to do when you love someone so much and have always taken care of them as only a big sister can.

I think there’ll be plenty of love to spare, though.  Check out that kiss!

cross285cross290dance-1During their first dance, I felt like an intruder eavesdropping when I shouldn’t have been.  I’m pretty sure everyone else felt that way, too.  It was STEAMY!

cross540-bwcross677cross680Congratulations, Kyle and Lahree.  I wish you all the best!

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  • ~abi~ - June 18, 2009 - 4:25 pm

    ooo, love those b/w dancing pics! looks like you did a great job!

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