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Kale – 1 year

This little man has grown a TON since last time he was in front of my camera.  Back then, we wanted to keep him safe and cozy, so we spent most of our time in his home for photos.  This time around, we decided to have a little fun in the gorgeous, winter sunshine.  We were lucky enough to do his whole session outdoors at the Farmer’s Market and the botanical gardens, downtown.  It was a perfect day!

brickDuring our session, we had old brick, leaves, lots of color, and plenty of balloons to help capture his personality.  Kale was a real trooper, too.  He was all grins and giggles the entire time.  I’m not sure I heard him fuss at all.

kale_0013A happy baby makes happy parents! :)

brownkale_0050 bwwallkale_0100 bwI love that profile, tiny little button nose, long lashes…

momndadTime for cake!

kale_0199cakekale_0254and maybe a ribbon or two…

balloonsHa!  Yum Yumm…

I’m pretty sure we laughed the entire time.  This little guy was too much fun!

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