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Just the Beginning…

They’ve been talking about it ALL week.  The “BIG” one.

Ice Storm 2010… duh duh duh *cue dramatic music*


It’s always so funny to witness the drama from newscasters right before a big winter storm occurs.   Now, don’t get me wrong.  I love me some Rick Mitchell.  After all, if the newscasters weren’t so dramatic during the winter months, what would we do for entertainment?  I’m pretty sure I’d be bored stiff.  (no pun intended… heh heh)

At the slightest mention of ice or snow, we Oklahomans run in droves to stock up on much needed items like food, water, batteries, flashlights, generators, etc.  You name it, we buy it.  In fact, I’ve been to three stores in just the past day and a half.  Of course, my most needed item was Diet Dr. Pepper (and diapers, I guess).  Really, who could live without  soda during a total black out?  Not me, thank you very much!  I am still very sad I may have to live without my Sonic ice for a few days, though.

icestorm_0010I’m already bored.  Being shut in puts me in the mood for baking…

then eating.

That does not equal diet success.  So far today, I’ve made PW’s Homemade Salsa (which was absolutely delicious), BBQ beef in the crockpot for sandwiches later, I have chicken thawing for chicken and dumplings (thanks to a Facebook buddy), and my mom sent over a big pot of beans before the roads were too bad.

Man, they ARE right. This ice storm IS dangerous…

for my figure anyway.

BUT, not for my camera…unless you count the damp, wet lens.

icestorm_0089If you look closely in the above photo, you’ll notice the white glow at the top.  That’s just the towel I had draped across my HUGE lens to keep it dry.  It sorta gave the photos a cool look, though.  Don’t ya think?

icestorm_0036icestorm_0012I know I joke, but the truth is things are only beginning.  “They” say the storm will continue throughout tomorrow and the ice/snow COULD get really bad causing major power outages.  I figured it was best to joke now since losing my electricity won’t be very funny.


I was starting to feel a little sorry for all the birdies around dealing with pellets of ice pelting them on the backs.  So, I decided to fill up the bird feeders and even sprinkled fresh seed on our deck.  I wasn’t even planning it for the purposes of a photograph, but I simply couldn’t resist.


It’s been sleeting now for the past few hours, so obviously there’s nothing in the rain gauge, but I couldn’t pass up a photo with the John Deere logo.  HA!

icestorm_0101icestorm_0062I guess I should find something productive to do instead hauling my camera around outside in the sleet, rain, and dampness.  Still, as it gets worse, I’m sure I’ll be adding some more photos. :)

Happy Thursday!

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  • Mindy - January 29, 2010 - 10:25 am

    Keep us updated! Hope you don’t loose power!

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