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Just Poppin’ In

It’s the time of year when I barely keep my head above water.  It’s nearly 3am and I’m proofing photos while I listen to everyone else in my family snore.  They are ALL asleep.  Why wouldn’t they be?  Why aren’t I?

Because I love all of you, that’s why.  I keep “fitting” people in on days I should be off.  I did the same thing last year and barely managed to get all of our Christmas gifts purchased.  This year, I’m really not going THAT far, but I do want to help you guys out.  Life is busy.  Things get pushed back and then the holidays are upon us with no holiday photos in sight.  Not to fear, I’m here to save the day. :)

Seriously, though, I do love you guys and want to make sure each of you get the photos you love in time for the holidays.  Having said that, this year I’ve got a whole lot going on myself.  I get to move into a new house (Thank you, Lord) and I do plan on getting my shopping finished BEFORE Christmas Eve.  That means this is my LAST official week of sessions.  I do have to finish up all my proofing and that’ll take some time, but I’m not accepting anymore sessions for 2010.

For tonight, I’m going to bed.  BUT, not before I pop in and give this awesome family a tiny peek at what they can expect in a few days.  Happy Wednesday!

These two wanted proof that we Oklahomans really do go underground when a tornado hits.  They’re from Ohio and most folks there have no idea what a tornado shelter looks like.  Now, they’ll know!  HA!

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