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Just a Swingin’


This weekend was awesome.

I slept.  I played.  I slept some more.  I enjoyed my family.  I DID NOT work.

Well…maybe just a tiny bit.

BUT, now…I’m back in the swing of things.  Back to reality and back to all of you, which is good…cause I missed you.

september_0040hanginbrothersI have an insane amount of sessions coming up in the next couple of weeks.  Hopefully, I’ll have no problem keeping up with you here.  I really enjoy sharing with you guys and posting fun aspects of our lives here in the good ‘ole Oklahoma country.  Of course, most of you only visit so you can see your sneak peeks, but I like to fool myself into thinking it’s my charming personality.  HA!  I know the truth, but I can pretend.  Right?

In the weeks to come I should have no problem getting you back here on a regular basis.  After all, I have a secret weapon….

september_0216 bwOh, wait…I’m getting a bit sidetracked…

september_0012This weekend, we had the best time.  We had dinner with my folks on Friday night (at a local casino – I won $10 on the quarter slots!!!).  Josh’s folks brought the cousins for a visit and to see the puppies on Sunday evening.  The kids always have a great time out here – we should charge admission!  The truth is my boys REALLY aren’t spoiled, though.  Everything they enjoy is outside, which makes things nice.  We have a great REFURBISHED fort, lots of dump trucks, slides, dirt/sand – add in spoons, bowls, salt shakers, etc – you get the idea…  Then add in our golf cart and trails through the woods…a few black puppies…junk food….

Are you driving this way yet?

september_0049 bw

september_0034september_0043 bw**I have to pause this post for a second**

Have you ever tried to write a blog post with a Spanish movie playing in the background?  Why is it that when men (no one in particular, of course) leave the room to go to bed, they ALWAYS leave on Fox news (which I like, but can only handle so much of) playing as loud as possible OR the Spanish channel, by accident?

Who can think with all that on in the background?  Sheesh!!!  Once again, I have to get up to go change it – breaking my train of thought.  So, I’m warning you now.  If this post becomes disjointed from this point on, you know why.  It was a MAN’s fault.

**okay back to programming – sorry for the interruption**

september_0032So, as I was saying earlier, the kiddos really enjoy hanging and swinging at our place.  They move from station to station…swings, fort, sand box, golf cart, PUPPIES…

september_0068 bw

september_0074 bw

AND, I love having them here.  I could seriously have an entire ball team worth of kids out here ALL the time and it would be just fine with me.

september_0038Did you guys have a great weekend, too?  Get a lot of rest?  Cuddle with any cute, black puppies?

I guess you know where to go for that…

september_0133 bwDid I mention these adorable, yummy-smelling, black puppies are up for grabs?  They’ll be ready for a new home around Fall break – that’s October 15th here.  I’ll be posting more information as they get a bit bigger, but for now, simply enjoy the sweetness…

I know we are.

september_0093september_0095By the way, later on, I MIGHT be having a contest to help choose a few good names for this mutly crew.  It could be worth 1/2 off a session or two…

I’m just saying.

september_0105 bwseptember_0209Is it possible to get tired of puppy pictures?  I hope not, cause I am smitten.

I’m also smitten with these fellas…

september_0184 bwAND, even Jesse made an appearance in a photo this weekend!  He hides from me most of the time, but sometimes he just can’t escape fast enough.

september_0062 bwAnd I’ll leave you with this….

boardHave a happy Tuesday!

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  • Amy - September 8, 2009 - 10:32 am

    Check out the guns on your hubby! Good for you girly!

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