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Just a few…


Unfortunately, when Carly moved off to attend college at OSU, I lost a late-night movie buddy AND a really great subject to photograph.  She likes to be in photos almost as much as I like taking them.  That’s hard to find these days.  Luckily, she’s been coming home a bit more often lately….

and she’s been bringing HIM with her.

Poor guy.  How many boyfriends do you know that like to be in pictures?  Right.  So, I was pretty proud of him when he agreed to let me shoot some pics of them this past weekend.  Although, I have to say it wasn’t for me.  I think it might be that he likes the girl in white just a tiny bit….

summer_0016-bwor maybe more than a tiny bit…

summer_0043Just a few weeks back he hung out with my boys at the zoo.  Yes, I said the zoo….with a couple of very small children….

Did I mention he is a college guy?  So, you understand.  Thought so.

summer_0027Of course, it helps that he’s a doll.  I’m pretty sure they’d have really adorable children….

But, I digress.

summer_0006-bwThere are tons more where these came from…

summer_0026summer_0032-bwbut, that’s all you get for tonight.  See you peeps later!

Happy LATE Monday!

Oh, don’t forget…

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