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Jordy & Danah

This couple drove all the way from Healdton, Oklahoma.  I'm so glad they did, too, because they were so much fun!  I know I say that all the time about families and couples, but I really enjoyed hanging out with these two.  They were constantly cracking jokes and picking on each other.  It totally reminded me of everyone in my household!  HA!

They've been waiting a long time for this sneak peek.  So, I'm not going to ramble on forever.  Here are my favorites…
Jordy & Danah 034 

Jordy & Danah 069 

Jordy & Danah 060 bw 

Jordy & Danah 110 

Jordy & Danah 169 faded 

Jordy & Danah 158 bw 

Jordy & Danah 116 

Jordy & Danah 146 

Jordy & Danah 188 

Jordy & Danah 215 

Jordy & Danah 221
AND, here's one last shot just to prove how much fun they were…
Jordy & Danah 139 xp

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