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Joe – senior 2011

Meet Joe.


Yep, just like the movie.  Visions of Brad Pitt are dancing in my head…

Oh, okay.  On with the photos!

Joe was an absolute doll to work with.  I only hope my boys will be as polite and easy-going as he was.  Really.  He was special.  Just ask his mama who happens to agree with me.

I met up with Joe and his mom in Guthrie.  They drove all the way from Enid, Oklahoma and Guthrie was a great half-way point for us both.  It worked out great, though, because who doesn’t love snapping photos in Guthrie.  We had the perfect backdrops, everything from the tracks to old buildings and broken glass.  We were even able to get in some tall, blowing grass.  Perfect.

Here are my favorites!

Just as we were starting to snap a shot on the railroad tracks we heard a very LOUD whistle.  I said we should get our shot quickly with the train coming in in the background – you know me, all about getting the perfect shot.  Joe looked at me, then looked back at this, and said I’m outta here!  I had to follow…:)

It was probably good since the train was “haulin’ booty” as we say around my house.  We were barely out of the way before it flew past the depot and had the ground vibrating underneath us.  It was actually kinda cool to be so close to it.

Anyway, TGIF!!  Have a great weekend!

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