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Jackson Family

I knew this would be a fun session when the mom asked if her boys could bring along a basketball and shoot a few hoops for my camera.  It was even better than I expected, though!  They were a ton of fun to shoot and had plenty of smiles to go around.

Meet the Jacksons.

hp_0019I loved how this crew interacted with each other.  The teasing never stopped, mostly from Dad…but the laughter never stopped either.  I did have to work hard to get a smile out of a couple of the guys – they were a tad on the shy side.  Leave it to me to break them right out of that shell!  I’ve never met a shy guy I didn’t like!  HA!

This one, though, made me work extra hard.  AND, I’m glad I picked on him a tiny bit, because look at the love he was giving my camera by the time we were through.

shySheesh!  Those eyes!

hp_0151-bwWatch out, girls!  That one’s gonna be a real heartbreaker!

In complete contrast, was this little gal.

cuteShe liked my camera so much I thought she might jump right in!

hp_0047Actually, I’m pretty sure she was seeing her reflection in my lens.  Hilarious!  It was like she was modeling in front of her bedroom mirror!  Work it, girl!

hp_0041They’re a pretty cool looking group, wouldn’t you say?  Just wait until you see their basketball moves!

hp_0085Can you feel the brotherly love in that one?  Poor guys – I bet that sister really gives ’em a run for their money.


I knew there was more than one reason I loved this group – it wasn’t just their charming personalities…  Just look at that awesome basketball!  Go pokes!

hp_0266-bwhp_0277hp_0215See?  I told you I had them laughing the whole time.  OR was that someone behind me being extra ornery?  I’ll never know…

hp_0497-bwsmoochSpeaking of ornery…can you tell who the big cheese is in this family?  Just look at that mess of a dad!  He was incorrigible!

He was even picking on his sister!  Luckily, she could handle it and gave back plenty of what he was dishing out!

hp_0340-bwhp_0101smiletickleThose two had a pretty neat bond that was noticeable from a mile away.

We enjoyed our time at the park, but had to stop several times for the macho men to have a few contests.  Who’s your money on?

jumpsmile2Their momma must be raising these two right.  I’ve never met a sweeter couple of guys.  They were so well-behaved and willing to smile for my camera.  I wish they’d come give Ty a pep-talk since he’s still hiding EVERY time I get the camera out!


AND….we finished up with a little hoop action as the sun started to set.

bballHave a great Monday!

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  • Ashley - July 10, 2009 - 10:05 am

    LOVE the basketball pictures! You’re becoming quite the sports photographer these days, aren’t you?

  • Shar McLaughlin - July 21, 2009 - 4:12 pm

    Oh my goodness, I LOVE the photos! My sister was right — you’re an awesome photographer!

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