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In honor of Mom’s Day!

I've been trying like crazy to come up with something cool to do for moms this year and the more I try the more I keep coming back to what I'd want.  I'm asked by folks ALL the time why I don't put myself in more pictures with my family…  Why I don't get someone to shoot photos of me for a change. 

For one thing, I'm really not that comfortable in front of the camera.  BUT, mostly, because I just don't ever think to hire another photographer to do it.  OR spend the time it takes to plan it.  I mean who am I kidding?  I didn't even send out Christmas cards this year!

After talking to my friends and other photographers, I realized I'm not the ONLY mom to be that way.  Apparently, there are tons of us out there….the missing link in all of our family photographs.  I would like to change that.


I will be donating my time and talent each month to ONE lucky mom.  The trick is they have to be nominated.  However, they CAN nominate themselves! 

Simply, send me a short letter explaining why you/someone you know deserves to have some photos taken.  What makes her/you so special or deserving of a FREE session with me? 

Is she the kind of person that is constantly worrying about everyone else instead of thinking of herself?  Is she having a milestone birthday?  Is she a SUPER mom who can do anything?  Be sure to include her contact information so I can reach her if she is chosen for the FREE session.  Then watch and wait.

I'll announce the first winner on April 15th!

Here are some of the pretty moms I know… 


Eureka springs_0079 


Kale_0055 bw 

McHenry_0574 bw 

Phillips 367 new 

Nov 30 minis 262 

Conner_0015 bw 

Misc 263 bw 

Misc 454 

Misc 127

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