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In Her Element

My mom was born and raised in Sedan, Kansas.  Every year, she hauls our family back there for Christmas and various events.  But, now that my boys are older, it’s fun to load up the van and drive North with her for a few days to experience what she experienced as a child.

Wide-open country…and lots of it.


not to mention mosquitoes, crickets, fishing, hauling hay, and COWS.  The boys have their very own cow named Sparky and every year she gets bigger.  They love Sparky, but she doesn’t want anything to do with them.  Still, they follow her around like lovesick puppies. :)

The point is, we love visiting the land where “Grandma” grew up.  It’s a lesson in history for my two, sweet boys who love the country.  While we’re there visiting, it’s not hard to notice that “Grandma” is in her element.  I think if we’d all move back there with her, she’d be gone in a second.  BUT, she’d never leave us for Kansas.  She loves us a tiny bit more, I think.

So, every chance she gets, she talks us into a visit to her home.  AND, we tag along watching her soak it all in, breathe it deep into her soul to savor until she can return.  It’s awe-inspiring.  It’s not hard to see how she became who she is today.  It’s why we love her…

especially these two.

They get to explore it all from creek beds to riding in the farm truck to catching and frying up their own fish (yes, we did) to picking all-you-can-eat blackberries.  This time around Ty even came home with a big cow skull to add to our place.  Nice.

I’m so very thankful they have a grandma who truly loves to spend every second of her time sharing stories with them and giving them hands-on knowledge of who she is.  They will forever remember this and be able to share her stories with their own children.

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  • Ashley - August 1, 2010 - 3:24 pm

    Love the pic of Ty in his carseat in the truck! Safety first! :)

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