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In a Pinch

Whaddya think?  Could this pass for the ocean?

Ya know, in a pinch…

Well, it’ll have to do for us this summer.  Even though I’m seriously craving some beach time, this will have to be enough for now.  With the house going up, we just can’t afford to take off for the beach.  Who knows what would get done in our absence. :(

Since I had to drive South to pick up my “Sonic-style” ice machine (YES, I will have Sonic ice EVERY day) for our house, I decided to make it a fun overnight trip for the boys.

We got there a little late, but these two didn’t care.  We swam until the sun sank below the horizon.  Left with sand in our pants, showered, stayed up late eating popcorn, and went to bed happy.  It was fun!

We were even able to find some shells, AND the waves were big enough to knock little man, Wes, over more than once.  HA!

Then, it was too dark to see and we headed out.  Thanks for pretending with us, Lake Texoma.

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