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Home-Building 101: Framing

Things are moving along nicely on the “home” front.  This week, we’re actually beginning to see what resembles a house.

Here’s the front.

It took us such a long time to finalize our floor plan – it’s almost as if we were the designers.  A lot of heart and soul went into the decisions on this house.  I love that we went ahead with the cathedral ceiling in the great room.  The rock fireplace will go all the way up to the highest point (with Josh’s monster buck directly above the mantel).

There are three HUGE picture windows along the back wall of the great room, which is probably my favorite thing about the whole house.  Well, that and the fact I’ll have an ACTUAL office!  My office window is the the big one on the right side in the above photo.  Nice, huh.  We even put a big window in our garage – you know how we photographers are…gotta have that light.  I can’t wait to start snapping photos.

Here’s the back….

See those awesome windows? Oh yes, yes, yes…

I’ll be asking for your help very soon.  I need assistance in choosing all kinds of stuff.  For instance, I’ve been living without a dishwasher for two years now.  I want a REALLY SPECTACULAR one for this house.  Suggestions, please.

Also, if you’ve built a house or purchased a really cool one.  What is your favorite thing about it?  Something I shouldn’t leave out?

What about granite?  Stainless?  There is simply way too many choices.  Please, help a girl out!

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  • Kim - June 10, 2010 - 5:16 pm

    So exciting, Shannon! Who is your builder if you don’t mind me asking. We are planning to build this year, too! =)

  • kristy - June 10, 2010 - 11:37 pm

    im so happy for you….i think you should definitely have a roof put on..hehe and a room for me! miss u

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