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Home-Building 101: Decking, Siding, and Trim. Oh My!

Things are moving WAY too slow for me.  I’m ready to move NOW.  Like, right now!  BUT, I admit, the house is looking quite nice and I should be patient.  It’s just so stinkin’ hard to wait and not be able to do anything when no one shows up to work (which has happened numerous times).

Still, check it out.  It’s coming along!

The photos aren’t nearly as pretty this time around.  We’ve had a TON of rain the past few days and it’s been overcast for nearly a week.  Luckily, most of the outside is already finished.  So, the crews keep coming even when it’s wet out.  Yay for that!

Shingles will come sometime next week.  Back windows are in and even a couple of the small ones in front.  All the big ones will be installed anytime (I’m guessing before the week is up).  The siding is going up nicely.  We’re still deciding on what color to paint it.

Josh was worn out and has a major sunburn as proof that he did all that taping on the roof.  Poor guy.  I felt for him while he was slaving away up there on the roof.  I even took the boys to a movie, because I couldn’t stand to watch.  Heh…heh.

It really is becoming a house, isn’t it.  It’s so hard to believe I’ll spend the holidays in a place that actually has room for a Christmas tree.  Amen to that!


THIS is my office!

It will have French doors and a really good sized closet.  It can always double as a bedroom later on, if needed.

I know I haven’t really shown you many photos of the inside.  So, here are a couple more to tease you.

Walking through the front door toward the great room.  See my big windows?  Oh ya, that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Here’s a couple more of the Great Room showing the cathedral ceiling.

and one of the kitchen/dining area.

Okay, that’s enough for now.  I’ll add more next week!  Happy Thursday!

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