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Home-Building 101: Brick, Rock & Much More…

It’s been quite a while since I posted an update of our house.  Since July, in fact.

Wow.  I’m really behind, aren’t I.

Things have been really busy around here since then.  The outside of our home is nearly complete –  painting still to be done, concrete, and porches.  The sheet-rock is up on the inside, along with much of the trim.  My awesome copper, farmhouse sink is here and ready to be installed.  We’ve ordered our appliances and our contemplating washers and dryers.  Do people LOVE or HATE the front loaders?  I’ve been getting such mixed messages!  I can totally get by with the washer/dryer I have now, but it’d be nice to have some new ones.  It’s just so confusing!

The front door was installed yesterday, but still needs a stain, along with all the painting to be done on the trim and siding outside.  The trim will be a dark chocolate brown and the siding will be a lighter taupe color.

Our geothermal wells have been drilled.  Electric lines have been run. We have well water.  Now, we are simply waiting on the aerobic septic and a few finish-ups in the technical stuff that I try not to think about.  That’s Josh’s job, right?

We do have the 8×8 Oak beams for the front and back porches ready to go up.  BUT, that won’t happen until the concrete is poured.  Come on, already!  Oh, I nearly forgot, we’re missing a garage door, too!  It has been ordered!  You didn’t think we’d leave that ugly one up, did you?

I love how our red windows turned out!  The rock looks spectacular and we’re in love with our brick!  No, really.  IN LOVE!

Here are some views of the inside in progress…

Kitchen cabinets

Wide-angle view of the great room from the kitchen – the ceiling beams are up and the fireplace is finished.  We are still waiting on the walnut that will go up on the ceiling.

Wide-angle view of the great room from the back door.  I love how the entry way turned out.  It’s going to look so cool coming in from the front door.

Standing in the great room looking toward the office, front door, dining room/kitchen.  Notice the barrel entryway!!  AWESOME!!

Okay, that’s it for now.

Our trailer is officially FOR SALE – $12,500 OBO It will make an awesome lake trailer.  If you know someone who is looking for a reasonably priced mobile home in SUPER COOL shape, send them my way.  Here are a few pics of what I’ve been living in for the last two years!  Keep in mind, it’s nice, but there are 4 of us.   Two boys…RIGHT OFF THE LIVING ROOM!

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