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The Hilgenfelds are another one of the families I see more than once a year.  It’s so nice, because there’s no “getting-to-know-you” stuff that takes up precious picture-taking time.  It’s all “Hey!”  “Good to see you guys!”  “Let’s get busy!”  I love that about this bunch.

This time around we were both a bit late, and somehow we got there, got moving, and were done shooting in under an hour.  The best part:  these are some of my favorite shots of them EVER.  It’s awesome how that works, isn’t it!  I keep getting to know them better and better and in the process their photos get better and better.  This was our second time to shoot in the Shawnee area.  With them living so far away from me, it’s a nice half-way point for all of us.  We changed it up a bit this time, though, and stuck to the alleys and old buildings on the South end of town.

Here are my favorites!

Me: "Snuggle up and get close." Why is it that men hear that statement and immediately begin torturing their wives? heh...heh

Her hubby forced her to take some photos of her by herself. I loved him for that.

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  • Holly - December 8, 2010 - 1:54 pm

    I love them Shannon!!!!!! Thank you so much!!

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