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Great Wolf Lodge

The boys and I recently returned home from an overnight trip South to Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, Texas.  We were pretty pumped because we’d heard how fun the place was from many of our friends.  Josh was already out of town on business and we I was bored.  That always leads to trouble, doesn’t it.  When the cat’s away…

Oh, whatever.  You guys know I’m always a good girl.

Anyway, back to Great Wolf.  The following photos are not the best quality because I was too chicken to drag the nice camera around through an indoor spray/water park.  Do you really blame me?  I did break it out for a few shots though and felt like sharing them here with you.

For some reason I didn’t get a shot of the main entrance from the front when you’re pulling up (maybe because I was driving), but I did get this shot from our balcony overlooking the parking lot.  HA!  Ty did love the view of the wolves, though!

greatwolf_0014The entrance really is pretty grande…you can see some of the water slides off in the distance.  They actually followed a path in and out of the park, which was cool.  Although, I can’t say my swimsuit clad body got anywhere near them.  Remember, Ty is only 4 and wasn’t about to chance losing his life so early on such a HUGE waterslide.  He is always cautious that way.  HEE HEE!

Here is a view of our KidCabin Suite as we were walking through the door.

greatwolf_0001It was really just your basic hotel room with a balcony, except for the cool cabin provided for the rugrats.  Here’s a view inside.

lodgeThe bunk beds were the most exciting part of the whole trip for the kids, I think.  Seriously.  They wanted to leave the swimming park early to go back to our room to play in the “log cabin”.  How sad is that?  I guess I need to get them out more often.

Wes slept in the bed on the left, because I was too lazy to bring the Pack-n-Play.  AND, I only had to download a new “white noise” app to my iPhone to get him to actually fall asleep!  Luckily, I brought my wall charger and could leave the goofy thing playing all night.  Don’t worry ALL kids finally passed out by 11:30pm.

Oh, by the way, for those of you considering going…I read in the hotel book later that they’ll provide a Pack-n-Play for FREE if you call down and request it.  I’m just saying…

Wes got up the next morning (after we purchased a few rock souvineers in the gift shop the night before) to do this while the other kids were still sleeping…It really is the ONLY time he gets to play without someone taking his toys away from him.

greatwolf_0034After attaching the trailer to his truck, he loaded it down with a load of those rocks and even filled up the bed of his truck.  Too cute!

Once everyone dragged their booties out of bed, we headed down to breakfast and then on to the water park.  It was pretty exciting!  Please ignore all the bad bikini bodies in the following pics.  I really had no intention of grossing you out – just simply wanted to give you a quick study on Great Wolf Lodge.

greatwolf_0078See those two slides in the background?  Yellow on the left and blue on the right?  Our boys spent the entire day climbing up and sliding down…over and over and over again until they were so tired I was worried they might drown in the 1 foot deep water.

greatwolf_0178Ty absolutely loved the small slides (wouldn’t step foot on the big ones) and his face showed his enjoyment in EVERY shot!

splashHe even did a pretty good job of holding his breath at the end.

greatwolf_0226Sutton was a bit more nervous at first, but by the end of the day he was the ONLY one willing to go a round on the bigger slides in the back.


greatwolf_0223greatwolf_0089Okay, maybe not quite as big as those…but still, they were good sized.  If you look off the backside of the splash tower below, you’ll see some decent sized tubes.  Sutton braved the green one!  Go, Sutton!

By the way, we have no photo proof of that because I wasn’t brave enough to enter the splash zone, which was pretty much EVERYWHERE on that tower!  You literally never knew when a random bucket was heading your way!

greatwolf_0045Same way in the lazy river!  I truly thought it would be a relaxing float.  BUT, when you least expected it, someone from the splash tower was dumping water on your head or squirting you with massive water guns!  It was just plain evil I tell you!

greatwolf_0085I went around once and that was enough for me.  The above photo was from the dry area up above.  Thank you very much.

So, anyway, back to the slides.  Ty was very content to stay in the kiddo section on the “small” slides.  The yellow one was just as fun as the blue!

greatwolf_0123greatwolf_0127Sutton, too!

greatwolf_0137Did you think I’d left Wes at home?  Of course, not.  He was hanging with his grandma in the shallower water squirting all the innocent bystanders with water sprayers.

lodge1It made him smile…even if the other folks weren’t too happy.  HA!

Here’s a small view of the outdoor area…from our dinner balcony.  We actually spent just as much time outside as in, but there wasn’t near as much for the little ones to do.

greatwolf_0027Okay, so my thoughts on Great Wolf Lodge as a whole…

First, it’s expensive this time of year.  I hear the rates drop dramatically in the winter months.  The food is VERY expensive, too, not just the room rates.  It did taste pretty good for a water park hotel.  I have no complaints there.   I was able to find a discount code through some online forums just by googling “great wolf lodge coupons”.  It saved us about $75 off our nightly rate.

Second, wait until your kids are older to go.  I really feel like it was a bit of a waste to take Ty and Wes at their ages.  There was so much they weren’t willing to do…which left us spending the majority of our time in the kiddie splash area.

Third, the rooms are simply your basic hotel room.  Don’t expect magic there.  The kid cabins are totally cool and did provide the adults with a bit of privacy after hours.  It was nice because we could put the kids to bed and still watch a little tv without having to whisper.

As a whole, we had a great time but spent too much money.  We stayed one night and spent a total of about $600 for all of us – 3 adults and 3 kids.  This is without any extras.  Keep in mind, Wes was free for everything.  We didn’t sign up for the magic quest due to lack of extra time for running around the hotel.  Our boys wanted to be in the water park or in the bunk beds during their stay.  We did spend a few bucks on arcade tokens and stayed for 30 minutes or so.  I would like to go back in the winter and stay a little longer so I wouldn’t feel as rushed.  Plus, the money spent would be less with cheaper rates then.

Okay, on to other things!  Have a great 4th of July weekend!  I’ll see you guys back here on Monday!

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  • Neil M. - July 3, 2009 - 5:15 pm

    I love these, they are all so perfect. Wonderful stories told in each one. Great expressions. Hope you and your family had a great time.

  • Lydia - July 4, 2009 - 3:13 pm

    Looks likes you had fun…we’ve been three times so far! HA! i agree with you though, that you can’t really enjoy all the slides unless you’re probably 48 inches tall. They had a camera in the big blue slide taking pictures…we went down twenty+ times and got all the pics on a flash drive. The rates get cheaper too…we go in the cooler months(nov.-march). its better then because what else are you gonna do while you’re waiting for summer? glad you guys went.

  • Joann - July 13, 2009 - 9:14 am

    I love these pictures!

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