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Goff Girls

Meet the Goff girls.

ggirls_0002I’ve been trying to get a session scheduled with these three ladies for most of the summer.  Something has always gotten in our way, though.  BUT, this past weekend, we finally made it work!  I’m so glad, too, because they were a hoot!  Plus, I think they and their families will treasure these photos for a VERY long time.

This YOUNG lady was the life of our little party.

ggirls_0199Just look at her!  She is absolutely beautiful.  What a smile and that spunk….I hope I have spunk like that when I’m her age.

3 generations of gorgeous Goff ladies…

ggirls_0111It really doesn’t get any better than this.  Can you imagine all the knowledge and love that’s been passed on between these girls?  I sure can.   How lucky they are to have each other and such a warm, loving relationship….

with plenty of laughter to go around.

ggirls_0038-bwhugsggirls_0136galsI love they chose pink for their “picture-taking” outfits!  It fits so well, doesn’t it….especially, those polka dots!  I told you she was spunky!

This one is definitely a favorite of mine…

ggirls_0070emlaughsWe really wanted to get a good shot of all their hands.  We tried many different angles and adjustments and kept peeking at the camera screen to see if we liked them or not.  I love this one even though it wasn’t the one they liked best.  They’ll have to wait to see the other one.  HA!

ggirls_0279-bwI had a super time, girls.  I can’t wait to meet up with you, again!


Happy Monday and keep smiling!

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