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Franklin Family

Here’s another one of my favorite families!!  I’m so lucky I get paid just to hang out with super fun people on a regular basis.  Seriously.  What an awesomely-cool job I have.  (I know that’s not a real word, so I’m adding it to my dictionary.) :)

This family is one I’ve been shooting photos for each year for a long while now.  Of course, like I always say, the kids have grown tons.  Teeth have come in and shyness has gone away.  It’s awesome to be able to notice those things year after year.  It’d been a while since we shot in a nature setting, so this time around we headed to the river downtown.  I kept wondering what all the hustle and bustle was about – downtown was packed!  Turns out it was Mark Harmon’s Celebrity Baseball Tournament.  Apparently, I’m the last to know everything.  BUT, that’s no big surprise.  Right?

Before I post my favorites of this super cool family, let me just say I know the blog has been a little neglected.   I have every intention of picking up the pace, but it’s May and Ty is finishing Kindergarten.  Plus, we have T-ball nearly 3 nights a week.  Add in sessions and there’s really not much time left for blogging.  With all that being said, I miss you guys!  I enjoy getting to chat and vent and share all of my crazy life with you.  I promise to pick up the pace once again AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE!

Okay, now.  Back to the photos!  Happy “almost” Tuesday!


In case you can’t tell by the next photo, this dad is a bit of a mess! :)  But, you didn’t hear that from me!


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