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First Day

Today was Ty’s “unofficial” first day of school.  For him, it’s the first organized classroom of any kind.  He’s never been to daycare and has only spent this past year going two days a week to Mother’s Day Out at our local church.  I had a feeling things would be a bit tough, and I was right.  Luckily, the parents were supposed to stay today for a parent meeting…the kiddos enjoyed some time on the playground.  OR, at least, some of them did.  HA!

You see where I’m going with this right?

It all started so well, too.

These shots were snapped last Thursday during “back to school” night/open house.  We brought his supplies, met the teachers, greeted the class birds, and even played on the playground for a while.  It was a huge success.  He was pumped and ready for his first REAL day of school.

prekThis morning, he was the first one out the door.  He barely touched breakfast and sat on the front porch waiting for me to load the car – he already had all the doors open and waiting for me.  He jabbered non-stop all the way to school.  “Do we have to drop Wes off at Grandma’s?”  “Can we please go straight to school?”

Here he is just seconds before entering his new classroom…

prek1and then it hit.  The classroom was FULL UP with parents and 19 children waiting for instructions from the teacher.  He panicked.  I could see his face starting to go all scrunchy and weird….

pool_0285After giving parents a few instructions and saying their hellos, the teachers asked for all the Pre-K kiddos to make their way towards the big, red, rug….and have a seat…without your mom…



that’ll happen…

I seriously thought Ty would pass out then and there.  I had to DRAG him (trying not to make a scene) towards the rug.  Notice he’s not actually ON the rug, but barely on the outskirts of it.  That was as close as he got.  Within seconds I noticed his eyes well up with tears as I made my way back towards the 6 inch tall chair I had been sitting in….

I couldn’t take it.

After what seemed like an hour (it was more like a minute), I went to sit near him so he would breathe.  I was truly worried he might pass out.  Oh, hush!  He really was going to pass out!

pool_0283Things started to look up a teeny, tiny bit.  Then…

Oh, Lord.

It was time to leave the room (with all the parents in it) and head out to play on the playground…with all the kids he didn’t know.

Once again, I had to drag him out the door as the rest of the kids (ALL of them) followed Mrs. Davis to play AND eat Popsicles.  Yes, I said Popsicles.  NOT TY, though.  It took a very forceful pep-talk to get him there and even then I feel he may have been tragically scarred for life.  Poor kid.  I had to turn my back and trot back to the classroom.

After all the adult talk was finished, I returned to the playground to pick him up and this is how I was greeted…

pool_0292Do you see him?  Yes, that’s him…the one clinging to the chain link like a caged animal.  It’s pretty much the way he looked when I left him there.

Say some prayers for me.  Tomorrow is a new day….

a day at school WITHOUT MOM…

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  • denita - August 18, 2009 - 12:36 am

    – love this!

  • Sharry Vaeth - August 18, 2009 - 7:46 am

    Bless his heart ,,, I wih I had been there. :(

  • Amber - August 18, 2009 - 6:34 pm

    good luck ty!

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