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Faster than a…

well, you know the drill.

speeding bullet? lighting?  You decide.

That’s how fast this blog post is going to be.  I’m SUPER tired.  No really, SUPER SUPER tired.  It’s after 2am and I’m trying like crazy to catch up on all these sessions for you folks.  I know it’s taking me FOREVER to get your sneak peeks up and especially to mail out your discs.  BUT, be patient.  There are some really great looking photos coming your way!

_MG_0095The Crusoe family was the easiest session I think I’ve ever done.  I know I’ve said that before, but this really was THAT easy.  So easy, in fact, it’s really difficult to even narrow the photos down for proofing.  Sheesh!  Not one of them blinked during ANY shot!  How does that happen?


_MG_0007I can’t wait until Ty loses his front teeth.  It’s gonna be so awesome!  I LOVE a toothless grin in photos!

_MG_0060leavesThese kids were so much fun and had perfect smiles the entire session.  When I told sweet pea here to throw some leaves for me, she was VERY happy to oblige. :)Aren’t those colors spectacular!

_MG_0054This guy was all grins, all the time.  So, for the above shot I asked him NOT to smile, except maybe a tiny tiny bit.  He did EXACTLY as he was told and I love the result!  Aren’t those blue eyes killer!

momndadI can’t wait to send the disc out to these folks.  I honestly don’t know how they’ll choose what to have printed.  It’s so tough!

Even Mom and Dad are good-lookin’ with every hair in place.  I kept teasing this dad about having the ‘coach’ look.  He reminded me of my softball days.  Any second, I expected to get yelled at or told to run laps.  Pretty funny, huh.

loveyOkay, that’s it for this crew.  I told you this was a lighting fast post.  Your just lucky I’m making sense.

I do hope to be back later with more photos for a few other peeps (just don’t hold your breath – I don’t want to be the cause of any unneeded deaths around here).  Until then, have a wonderful Wednesday!

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  • Amy Fullbright - November 12, 2009 - 6:00 pm

    Crusoe’s—–You all look great!!!!That little girl you have is too cute for words, even with no teeth!!!!! Shannon as always, you have a gift!!!!

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