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Fall Mini-Sessions

This year, in an effort to squeeze as many people in as humanly possible, I shortened my mini-session times to 20 minutes.  All I can say is WOW!  I felt like the fastest gun in the West!  No, really…except it was my camera trigger I was squeezing.  Afterward, my finger was sore.  HA!

Plus, I really had to pee.  Just sayin’…

Because I know it would take me a whole week to blog them separately, I thought I’d cram all the sneak peeks into one blog post.  I don’t want them to wait longer than usual to catch a glimpse of just how awesome they all are.  I love these families.  Most of them are established clients – folks I’ve been shooting for years.  But, there was one new family who I fell in love with immediately.  I hope they continue to come back each year, too. :)

So, take a deep breath.  Grab a soda and a seat and take a LONG look at all the fun we had.  Happy Tuesday!

First up, the Calderon Family.

The wild and wacky Wilson crew

We’ll refer to this next group as Joann’s kids…believe me, the title fits!

I love me some Benefields!!

And, rounding out the night, the completely and totally awesome (make me laugh until it hurts) Avery and Jentry!  I hope to see lots more of these two cutie pies!

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  • Mysti - October 19, 2010 - 10:48 am

    As usual….simply gorgeous with all the familes including us. Wild and wacky is definetly us, so thank you for putting up with us and making us look a little normal. = )

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