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Earle, Stacy, Claire, and Cale

Oh, man.  What to say….

This family was so much fun!  I truly had a great time with them and told them more than once how they’d fit in VERY well around our place.  Earle (yes, his name is Earle) was a lot like Josh, very full of mischief…if you know what I mean.  Poor Stacy has her hands full – what with all THREE kiddos and everything… HA!


Okay, fine.  I’m just kidding, Earle.  BUT, you did deserve that – especially after I got home and read over the contact sheet. :)  Pretty funny, actually.  AND then there’s Stacy, who couldn’t have been any cooler.  She is the complete package – Earle, you’re a lucky guy.

PLUS, I kept thinking she looked like someone I knew.  Then, after I started proofing, it hit me!  She looks a LOT like Melanie Griffith.  Of course, she’s much younger than Melanie, but the resemblance is there!  Don’t you think?

lc_griffith3Alright, alright…

speaking of complete packages…


Is she a doll or what!  Claire was adorable and spunky!  I convinced her I had a ladybug living inside my camera lens so she’d slow down long enough for me to snap a shot or two.  It was hilarious!  She was looking for that silly bug all night!

haggard_0173I’d say I got more than a “few” good shots.


haggard_0153She was pretty excited about the ducks behind me in that last shot.  It was too funny!  She was quacking and squawking to get their attention.  I’m not sure what she was doing right at this moment, but it made for a funny photo, didn’t it.

We can’t forget about little Cale (a.k.a. “Mr. Man” as his daddy called him).  He just had a VERY BIG birthday!  You know the ONE don’t you?

grasssmile1He had some of the funniest expressions!  I could’ve done an entire storyboard displaying the many faces of Cale!  Hilariously awesome!


The next shot was a bit overexposed, but rather than trash it, I decided to play a bit.  I gave it a bit of an urban flare, and I think I like the finished result.  What about you?  Is it too much?

haggard_0119haggard_0209In case you’re wondering, lollipops work wonders for busy kids.  These two sat still for a good 5 minutes to eat these.  I was snapping pics the whole time!


By the time our session was ending, it was all about having FUN.  I thought I’d end with this next set.  I think if this was my crew I’d have to print these in b/w and display them REALLY BIG in my house!  There’s something mystical about them….Daddy’s little girl.

run-1I had a great time you guys!

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