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Cyber Monday & the Benefields

I know they probably think I forgot about them, but I totally didn’t!

I’ve been taking it easy this weekend and eating lots of fattening food.  Believe it or not, I took off the ENTIRE weekend and I’m so glad I did!  I had tons of fun relaxing and actually enjoying my holiday weekend.  Unlike all of you, I didn’t decorate for Christmas since I’m not actually in my house yet.  I’m crossing my fingers we make it in BEFORE Christmas and hopefully in enough time to put up a tree.  Please, send a few prayers our way.  I know the boys would LOVE to have a real tree this year and not some piddly 3 footer that fits in a trailer house.

I had a killer BLACK FRIDAY sale as some of my best clients discovered.  I’m super excited to be seeing all of you in 2011. Congrats on getting in on a spectacular deal!  I’ll be announcing the WINNER of the Black Friday FREE SESSION giveaway later today!

Today is Cyber Monday…

and I would hate to disappoint you by not doing anything exciting.  Plus, I really LOVE a good sale.  For each of you, today, who are willing to PRE-PAY for your 2011 session or purchase a gift certificate for someone you love, you’ll be receiving a great discount.  All you need to do is BUY ONE session and you’ll get another one (of equal value) HALF OFF! Yep!  I’m having a BOGO sale!  Cool beans, dude!

So, shoot me an email if you need assistance with Paypal.  I’ll be happy to send you a money request to help you out.  If you’d rather not use Paypal, you are welcome to send a check through the snail mail or deliver it in person.  Just remember, if mailed, the check has to go out TODAY.  Payment needs to be in my hands no later than Thursday.  Happy Cyber Monday!

Now, on to the Benefields and their fabulous sneak peek!

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