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Creativity on Caffeine

So, this is what happens when Josh and I want to see a movie so badly we’ll ignore the obvious.

These photos are straight out of the camera, by the way, and it was really dark.  My ISO was set at 2500.  Ty brought me the camera – I never moved from my chair.  The 50mm lens wasn’t quite wide enough to capture the shot, but I was too lazy to get up.  Plus, I was trying really hard to ignore the complete mess happening in front of me so I could see the ending of our movie.  Sadly, now I don’t even remember which movie it was.

Notice they put all of the soda in a pattern around the table.  Yep, I have brain children.  I’ve always known that. :)

I apologize for my lack of creativity on a Monday morning post, but it’s simple.  I’m pregnant and tired.  Nuff said.

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