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Conway & Presley

This is the first time I’ve met Conway and Presley.  I’m so glad their sweet mom gave me a call, too, because these kids were spectacular!  I wish all sessions could run so smoothly!

Mom came prepared, which was SO awesome.  As she was unloading the stroller from her suv, I noticed there was a red wagon loaded down with goodies being pulled from the vehicle, too.  She had packed everything from toys, to stuffed critters, to tutus and beads for Presley.  AND, since Presley recently turned ONE, she brought along cake, too!

SUPER wow!

It sure helped make our time together VERY successful.  Presley LOVED the beads and Conway was all smiles with his Lego airplane!  Take note, all you parents out there!  If you’ve been wondering how to change things up and get less traditional photos, this is it!  Bring anything and everything to show your child’s personality.  You’ll get great photos as a result!

Just take a look at all the great shots we got of these two cute kiddos.  Here are my favorites.

I love how sweet it is that little Presley is sharing cake with her big brother.

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  • Lindsey - August 30, 2010 - 9:55 pm

    Super cute pictures! Kuddos to the mom for being so prepared!! The birthday cake is Super Cute!

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