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Coming Up for Air…

I know I’ve been saying this a lot, lately, but it’s STILL true.  I’m VERY busy these days and very thankful!

Sadly, the first thing that gets neglected around here during the busy season is this blog. So, those of you who still love me, keep checking in and I promise to try really hard to peek in here every couple of days.  Deal?

With all that being said, I have a few other things to mention…

First, I will no longer be doing newborn sessions.  I love babies.  Really.  I do.  However, something had to give in order to fit in all of my favorite families.  I love my loyal families even more than brand new babies.  I want to be able to see them EVERY year when they call.  Newborn sessions take the most time and most preparation.  It seems logical to me that removing them from my schedule will allow more time to be spent on all of YOU.

Those of you who are pregnant RIGHT NOW, please don’t panic.  I know some very AWESOME photographers to refer your way.  Then, in three months or so, I’ll be happy to chase you around with my camera!

Second, I have exactly 3 spots left on my calendar for sessions BEFORE Christmas (unless you can talk me into giving up one of my days off)!!  If you are wanting Christmas cards or just Fall family photos, please email or call now.  Don’t wait.  Sobs stories won’t work this time. :(

Third, I’d like to mention that turnaround times are a bit long these days.  I’m proofing into the night, as usual, but I must be getting older because I can’t handle the late hours like I used to…hence, a longer turnaround time during the holidays.  Please, be patient.  I promise to get them all finished before Christmas!  HA!

Fourth, if you’re interested in a Snapshot Moms class I’m offering on October 23rd, email me ASAP so I can get a headcount.

Okay, that’s enough for tonight.  I hate to post without any photos so here is my FAVORITE FRIEND and her family from last week!

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