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Celebrating 6 With Sutton

Recently, my boys and I celebrated a 6th birthday with our friend, Sutton.

Sutton REALLY loves Star Wars.

My boys love cake.

ice cream.


and celebrating birthdays with pretty much ANYONE.

We also love our friend Sutton. :)

Up until his party, my boys didn’t really know what Star Wars was…

Now, they think it’s an awesome reason to beat your parents and grandparents about the face and head with light saber pool noodles.  Thanks for that, Tiffany.  My head loves you.

Yes, even Darth Vader made an appearance.  My youngest boy thought it was spectacular (even though he wasn’t sure who the heck it was), while my oldest ran for cover and didn’t come out until Darth was gone.  Poor Darth never got the chance to meet Ty.  How sad…

Wes’ favorite part of the entire party was the Darth Vader pinata.  He was even given the chance to pull a string FIRST (thinking it’d be nice to let a little guy go ahead of all the other big boys).  The only problem was he happened to pick JUST THE RIGHT STRING….

oh boy.

That’s never good.

We had to keep that thing in tact until the birthday boy had a chance.  Thank goodness it lasted.  Whew!

Ty refused to wear what he called a “Yoda” outfit.  He’s way too cool for that.  He did enjoy the party tremendously and is now really into the whole “Star Wars” thing.  Plus, it only took him about 30 minutes or so to warm up after arriving….nice.

For the record, Joe Cool was beating people with his light saber within the first 3 minutes….

Some things will never change.

Note:  these pics were taken in the light of a really horrid, dark gym and no matter what I tried (including a custom white balance gray card) the color turned out wonky.  We’ll talk about white balance at our SnapShot Moms workshop on April 10th. :)

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  • Jennifer Moore - March 25, 2010 - 7:48 am

    Kaylin is one of the biggest Star Wars fans!! She would have loved loved loved this party. I can’t wait to show her the pictures.

  • Katherine - March 26, 2010 - 11:03 am

    I heart Star Wars! I’ve probably seen it 1 Million times. I would have loved that party. Hmmm, you think I could pull off a Star Wars themed gig for my 27th?

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