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Celebrate! Britney turns 9!

Today, we (my family and I) threw a surprise party for my niece, Britney.  She turned 9 years old today.

britney9_0002It was pretty funny, too.  You know embarrassed kids can get when everyone’s watching and something unexpected happens.  Well, this fit the bill for sure.  She walked around the corner of the house and saw us all waiting by the pool (it was a pool party).  We had whistlers and hollered “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” at the top of our lungs!  Her face (which I didn’t catch on camera!) was priceless!

britney9_0058-bwOnce her heart stopped beating a million miles an hour, she was super excited about the party!  All of her friends were there and her FAVORITE cousins, of course!  Plus, all of the grown-ups she adores – LIKE ME!  We had so much fun hanging by the pool, splashing, and eating lots of cake.  It was a great day!

Britney’s mom and dad got her a new bike, which was super cool!  Makes me want to ride, but I’m pretty sure I’d fall on my caboose!  Do you ever forget how to ride a bike?  Just curious…it’s been a little while since I was sitting atop one.


Some fun goodie boxes I found at Target.  I love that place!

britney9_0021AND, check out this awesome cake!  Believe it or not, it came from BUY FOR LESS!  I’ll be getting all my cakes there from now on.  It was DELICIOUS!

The flip flops are big magnets for the fridge.  Cool, huh!

britney9_0026britney9_0029britney9_0038The whole crew spread out on my mom’s patio (the party was at her house) for cake and ice cream.  YUMMO!

Wait a second…someone’s getting a little too messy…

britney9_0039Ooops!  Make that TWO someones!

britney9_0055Luckily, everyone was jumping right back in the pool afterward so being covered head-to-toe in cake wasn’t a big issue.  Why can’t life be like that all the time?


This next little squirt just happens to be my other niece.  She belongs to Josh’s sister and you’ve seen her grace the pages of this blog numerous times.  Last time, she was wearing pink polka-dot socks and playing baseball.  Anyone remember those?

Is there anyone cuter than this!!  I don’t think so!


and back to the pool we go!  The kids had so much fun!

britney9_0093I really love this next shot because of all the action going on.  Look closely, everyone is doing something a little bit different while interacting with each other all at the same time.

Britney’s tossing her buddy into the water; Kensy is blowing water through a broken noodle; Ty is squirting water through a gun towards Britney – luckily her friend is blocking the spray!  Then take a look at Jordan (Britney’s brother/my nephew) inside-out and upside-down in the red raft lunging after the football while Jesse (Kensy’s brother/another nephew) holds up the baby raft.  They were trying to toss the football through the seat hole.  HILARIOUS!

Seriously, could any MORE activity be happening in this photo?  I LOVE IT!


You didn’t forget about this little guy did you?   He tends to get a bit tired in the big pool after a while.  So, we keep the little two-ring pool off to the side for him to relax in.  It works out perfectly.

britney9_0106Until someone else comes along and takes over!  Just look who I caught stealing the baby pool today!

britney9_0111AND, the floaties none the less!  In fact, I’m pretty sure they raided the girls’ goodie boxes, too!

What do you think?

britney9_0142Uhm, how about a little more sunscreen, Jesse?


It’s a good thing these boys aren’t camera shy or anything.

britney9_0143Oh, sheesh!  Wait a second…this is a little much!

britney9_0148britney9_0155Lord, have mercy!

britney9_0153Was it because I mentioned Facebook or something?  I’m gonna have to learn to keep my mouth shut!

britney9_0184Aww, that’s better.  Finally, a little more family-oriented…

Aren’t they adorable!  I think I need to try that one in b/w when I print it.  What do you think?

britney9_0184-bwAnd, before I doze off to sleep…a couple of my pretty sister ALL BY HERSELF.

britney9_0186britney9_0187You guys still here?  Whew!  That was a long post, wasn’t it.  I had a TON of photos to share and couldn’t narrow them down.  Forgive me.

I’ll be gone for a couple of days – I decided to take my boys on a short roadtrip to Great Wolf Lodge, near Dallas.  I’ll be back and ready to roll late Thursday evening.  Look for lots of fun pics to come!

Have a great Wednesday!

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