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Wes – 11 months

Today my "little man" is 11 months old.  It’s so strange to think that he’ll be a year oldView full post »

She always looks good.

"SHE" – my sister, has never looked bad in her life… I literally can’t find a bad photo andView full post »


Anyone recognize this goob?or this one…and the poor child has to watch the madness…He’s thinking,View full post »

Escape Artist…

I’ve discovered when I need to get something done outside I can just pull Wes around behind me in theView full post »

THE haircut from…

*#@!!%@$**…. wal-mart. I’m not pleased.  I’m sad.  When you ask for a FIRST haircut,View full post »

Ty’s new camera…

Did I mention Ty got a new camera for Christmas?  probably not…  I finally had a chance to upload someView full post »

Not So Leapin’ Lizard

You’ve all seen them. Those gooey creatures that grow (supposedly 3x there size) when you get them wet… youView full post »

Be Happy.

Today is a beautiful day…a little windy here…but, the sun is shining it’s warmth down upon us. MyView full post »

My hero.

Today is Josh’s 35th birthday.  It’s funny how we both feel so young and yet if you’d haveView full post »

Can you guess where I was…

last night?anyone?  anyone?  Hint:  he’s got the finest looking hiney in all of countryView full post »

Tractor Lesson for Grandpa…and Wes…and a few more

Last weekend was a nice weather weekend around here.  Anytime the weather is remotely warm, the Gurneys areView full post »

Ringing in the New Year…in slow speed…

Most of you already know, we’re pretty low key around here.  We are laid back, relaxed, and don’t getView full post »

Funny Face

She’s really gonna kill me for this, but I have to do it.  As a sister and photographer, I justView full post »

A LOT more Christmas…MEGA POST!

I told you before I was just getting started…remember?  Well, I was serious.  We love Christmas aroundView full post »

Two-man clean up crew.

Remember this crazy ice storm? well…it’s clean up time…YUCK!  The only person who might beView full post »

Wes – 10 Months

People keep asking me why poor little Wes doesn’t make the blog very often.  The truth is, Ty is just easierView full post »

Just getting started…

The holiday season is a really crazy time for us.  We travel somewhere new for 4 days in a row and then we wait aView full post »

Times are a changin’….

that’s for sure…. This shot is a picture of Josh and I on our honeymoon.  Things have REALLY changedView full post »