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In training…

Look whose already in training to be the next tractor driver around our place.  I truly think he knows how toView full post »

He never slows down.

Josh and Ty were gone for a couple of hours tonight which left Wes and I at home to fend for ourselves.  We ateView full post »

Look what Wes found

yum yumI never said this blog was TOO GOOD to post nose-pickin’ photos! Note: all three shots were taken with anView full post »

The many faces of our ‘little man’

Many of you tell me I don’t post enough photos of Wes, my little man.  So, today, I thought I’d do anView full post »

Bubby Basket

Do any of you have this much laundry?I found out today that he’s only 50% in weight (SHOCKING!!!), which totallyView full post »