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Congrats & a Rad SALE!!

I wanna send a big YELL out to my gorgeous sister who just finished her LAST FINAL EVER!!  She’ll be graduatingView full post »

Six Short Years

That’s how long I’ve been a mama.  It feels like one.  Why does time go by so fast? He’s growing upView full post »

The Earth Stood Still…

or something like it. Those of you reading who are regular clients will be quite shocked by today’s post.  InView full post »

Dirty Feet

Is it weird that the ONE thing I remember most about the fair, any fair, is DIRTY FEET?  Seriously.  When preparing toView full post »

Bravin’ the Ice

Ty begged. C’mon, Mom.  Just one last swim? We spent part of our Saturday at my mom and dad’s thisView full post »

Growing Boy

In case you’re wondering where I’ve been… Someone around here just started FULL-DAYView full post »

Do You Hear an ECHO?

We do. You have all heard me talk about Zipper, our spectacularly-awesome Black Lab.  BUT, you haven’t heard muchView full post »

In a Pinch

Whaddya think?  Could this pass for the ocean? Ya know, in a pinch… Well, it’ll have to do for us thisView full post »

In Her Element

My mom was born and raised in Sedan, Kansas.  Every year, she hauls our family back there for Christmas and variousView full post »

Red, White, and Blue

Okay, so maybe it’s camo around our house.  It doesn’t mean we aren’t patriotic. This year weView full post »

Michael ● senior 2011

Meet Michael. Michael is my nephew.  He lives all the way over in Iowa, which seems like across the entire country fromView full post »

We Put the POP in IcyPOP!

This is a daily ritual at our house.  Okay, maybe it happens more than just ONCE a day.  BUT, it’s H-O-T inView full post »

Who Me?

Who me? Awww, shucks…View full post »

Moving On…

It’s been a a little busy around here, lately, and I’ve been neglecting the blog a tiny bit.  Sadly,View full post »

Dad’s 60th Birthday

It’s really hard to believe that my dad turned 60 years old yesterday.  Wow! As Ty says, “That’sView full post »

Three, three, three

Wes has finally decided he’s THREE.  Up until now, when we’ve asked him how old he is, he’s respondedView full post »

Big Wheels Keep on Turnin’

wow.  long time no see. Today was the first time I’ve had my camera out since Easter.  If you’ve beenView full post »

The Easter Bunny Delivered

As most of you know, I’ve been pretty sick the last month.  Don’t worry, it’s nothing too seriousView full post »