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Ben – 6 months

My…how time flies. I’ve been such a bad blogger since adding little Ben to our family.  I feel bad, I do. View full post »

Little Family

Meet the Little family. Photographing them was no LITTLE thing.  We had BIG fun, especially when we found that HUGEView full post »

Cutie Patooties!!

Can I just say, I LOVE shooting at my house!  It totally rocks!  This holiday season just may be spoiling me –View full post »

Halle – 9 months

This shoot was so much fun!  First, because I got to stay home to shoot it, and second, because the folks I wasView full post »

Let Freedom Ring…

I hope you all have a VERY safe and spectacular 4th of July!  Be sure to stay cool and soak up some familyView full post »

Conner – 6 Months

I almost forgot to post this cutie pie today!  What a horrible tragedy that would be! I met up with Conner and his MomView full post »

Sam and Emma

I just spent the morning hanging with this awesome bunch.  Well, actually just two of them.  BUT, we had a ton of funView full post »

Ashley – senior 2011

It’s that time of year again.  I’ve been getting lots of senior calls.  That means May is just around theView full post »

Creativity on Caffeine

So, this is what happens when Josh and I want to see a movie so badly we’ll ignore the obvious. These photos areView full post »

HEATWAVE burning in my heart…

Come on, everybody sing it… You know you want to. Today was our 5th snow day (home from school). I’mView full post »

Looking Forward

Man, I’d say February started off with a bang, wouldn’t you?  I really thought we were past all thisView full post »

BB in a Barrel

That’s what it feels like… living in our newly built home.  We love it, but are so used to being in a TINYView full post »

Six Short Years

That’s how long I’ve been a mama.  It feels like one.  Why does time go by so fast? He’s growing upView full post »

Another Year…

They say time flies when you’re having fun, right.  Well, I have to agree.  Vacations always go by so fast,View full post »

The Earth Stood Still…

or something like it. Those of you reading who are regular clients will be quite shocked by today’s post.  InView full post »

Do You Hear an ECHO?

We do. You have all heard me talk about Zipper, our spectacularly-awesome Black Lab.  BUT, you haven’t heard muchView full post »

Landon • 9 months

This little guy is growing so fast!  It seems like just yesterday we were shooting his 3 month and then 6 month pics.  View full post »

Couple of Knuckleheads

Yes, I’m still alive.  I’ve been REALLY lazy lately.  My bootie has been on the couch instead of in theView full post »