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Word Clouds by Wordle

This is SO COOL!  These are all words used numerous time throughout my blog.  I think it is so awesome thatView full post »

25 Things about ME!

EDITED TO ADD:  I got to thinking and decided if I was gonna get tagged by everyone, then these ladies shouldView full post »

Updates and other Random Babble.

So, the past couple of weeks have flown by.  I've been a busy bee, hoping to accomplish a million and oneView full post »

A year of favorites…round 2

As promised, here's another round of client favorites from this past year.  If you see yourself in thisView full post »

A year of favorites…

I've been wanting to share some favorites with you guys for a long while.  I had such an amazing 2008 thanksView full post »


Yes, I'm still alive…for now anyway. I know it's very unlike me to be away from the blog for so longView full post »


   Nuff said.View full post »

Behind the Scenes

I'm BACK IN TOWN…don't tell anyone, though.  I'm pooped.  Can I just sleep allView full post »

Wanna look good in photos?

Photojojo is SO one of my favorite sites! Here’s what they do: “publishes an email newsletter full ofView full post »

Molli Coolz

So, you know me…always on the cutting edge of new and exciting products!  Right? Whatever. Okay, well,View full post »

IME Staff – Family Fun Night

Most of you know I'm not above crashing a party or two (or ten) and this family fun night was no different. View full post »

A little less talk and a lot more action

So…I heard this on the way home late last night. Strange how a song can bring so many memories rushingView full post »

Tinkle Tube

Seriously. I had to share because that’s just the kind of momma I am.  I mean, I couldn’t let aView full post »