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Caleb ● 1 year

It’s funny how many emails I’ve been getting lately about gals with baby fever.  I guess they’ve been reading my blog regularly and have gotten to see the adorable little ones posted here.  Well, I’m going to have to agree with them.  I’ve got the fever, too!  Not to worry, though, I may have a fever…BUT, not a lapse in good judgement!

Still.  How can anyone resist this face?

murphy_0006-bwThis is Caleb.  He had a VERY BIG birthday yesterday and I was lucky enough to be able to celebrate it with him…camera in tow, of course.  We met at the Myriad Gardens and were hoping to squeeze is as many photos as possible before Caleb’s naptime.  I’d say we did a pretty good job.  I had quite a bit of trouble narrowing shots down for the blog – his momma will be VERY happy!murphy_0108

I’m pretty sure the little man has some teeth coming in.  After having a chance to look through the photos, I realized just how many shots of him include tiny fingers in his mouth.  HA!  Just wait until he finds out how delicious his toes can be!


murphy_0165-bwI was so glad when Caleb’s momma pulled out some of his favorite toys to play with.  It makes a session special when you can include some favorites for the little ones.  They’ll remember the days when he was so happy to play with his rubber ball.  Let me tell ya, HE LOVED IT!

ballIf we wanted him to pay attention or to look a particular way, all we had to do was bounce his blue rubber ball.  It worked wonders…even dried up a few tears now and then.

daddy2Daddy had some tricks, too!  Just look at those grins!

kneesThe grass was still pretty wet when we arrived to shoot some photos.  So, we kept mostly to the sidewalks and tried to get as many pretty backgrounds in as possible.  It was super funny, though, Caleb started walking up on all fours to avoid the scratchy sidewalk.  It was SO CUTE!

murphy_0177kissmurphy_0283I did mention it was Caleb’s birthday, right?

What would a birthday be without a super cool birthday hat!  Apparently, not that cool.  He wanted it off his head!


We saved the cake for last.  Unfortunately, the little guy was getting pretty sleepy and didn’t want anything to do with it.  Either that or it had some really nasty tasting icing!  HA!  Is there such a thing as nasty icing?


Yep!  That’s the face I make when someone smears me with cake.  Uhm…I mean…offers me a bite….

As a whole, I’d say we had a pretty successful day!  He was adorable and cute and chubby and giggly and….

The list goes on and on!  Thanks for a fun day, Caleb!


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  • cynthia - July 25, 2009 - 8:14 am

    hey girl! just had the chance to catch up here…looks like your camera’s been smokin!

  • Nana - July 25, 2009 - 11:31 am

    What a handsome little boy! He’s a little blessing!!!!!!
    He sure takes great pictures.

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