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Bobbett Family



I’ve been having so much fun shooting country-style sessions!  It seems like this past year everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, has wanted an urban shoot in downtown OKC.  So, when this family called me to shoot something closer to home, I immediately thought about this country location.  It’s my new favorite place, and not just for photography reasons.  It is so peaceful there (when there aren’t a million other photographers 😉 ).  I could spend hours just hanging out…

The day I met up with this bunch, it was chilly.  Sunny and beautiful, but also windy and CHILLY.  Our teeth were chattering any time we were in the shade.  BUT, somehow, we made do and look how awesome these photos turned out.  It helps that this family is so awesome, too!  Girls (Meme was there, too), it was so good to see you after so long!!

I couldn’t decide if I liked this one in color or b/w better.  What do you guys think?


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