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There’s a lot of blue going around these days.  Blue skies…blue water…


back to SCHOOL blues.

especially for this momma…

august_0013whose little boy will be starting Pre-K in exactly two short weeks.  My heart is heavy.  I know he’ll love it, but will I?

Lately, we’re I’m trying to keep my mind off of school-related thoughts by spending LOTS of time doing SUMMERTIME activities.  Today we spent the morning at Grandma’s pool with some old friends we haven’t seen in quite some time.

It felt good to relax and smile while thinking back on old times.  Charleigh is one of our (my mom and I) oldest and dearest friends.  I’m happy my boys had so much fun getting to know her better.

By the way, have you guys ever tried to blow water through a wet water noodle?  AT SOMEONE’S face?  It’s kinda fun!  HA!



Poor Colin got the raw end of that deal!

august_0002Luckily he bounced back pretty quick.  Speaking of bouncing…

Soon after inhaling water-noodle sprays, he decided to create some splashes of his own!  Go, Colin, go!

jumpWhew!  Hang in there, buddy!  Good one!


Going, going….



august_0036Man.  After all that splashing, the boys should’ve rested a bit.  BUT, who wants to do that when school is looming just around the corner?  Not us!

august_0011august_0009august_0076Even my little grouch caught some rays today…

august_00203At least, he’s a cute grouch.  Right?  It was naptime, afterall.

Alright, alright….out you go boys…time to rest.

august_0079-bwI’m pretty sure “shakin’ booties” and flexing muscles isn’t what I meant by taking a rest…

august_0081Although, Colin says he’s known for his “bootie shaking” skills.  HA!  He must get it from his daddy…

august_0083-bwaugust_0077-bwI’d say it was a pretty good Tuesday morning.  Thanks for the visit, Colin and Charleigh.  We miss you, already!

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