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Biker Dude + Pretty Girl =


1111_0081 bw1111_0142I had no idea what to expect when I got a call from Ronne a few weeks ago.  You see, Ronne and I go WAY back…like WAY BACK as in I taught her son when he was in 4th grade.  Now he’s a big and strong and VERY grown-up Marine who I’m very proud to call my friend.  This session was originally supposed to include him and his family, but the military had other plans.

Unfortunately, my sweet grown up Marine had to put his scheduled leave on hold.  I plan to share photos of him soon, VERY soon I hope.  Until then, I couldn’t let the opportunity to catch some spectacular shots of his momma and her “biker dude” pass me by.

prettygirlRonne has a heart of gold.  She always has.

Life has thrown her plenty of curves, but somehow she’s bounced back with determined vigor.  She’s a lot like her son that way.  I’m proud of her, too.

And the happiness she’s found with this guy…

badassHave you ever seen a more genuine smile?  I’m not sure I have.  He could light a room with those pearly whites and big grin.  I liked him immediately.

Now, I know why Ronne has been smiling so much.  Together they made me smile.

hugsTurns out they don’t live far from me.  They’ve found a spot in the country, too.  I may be dropping by when they least expect it just to catch a glimpse of those big dimples she’s sporting.  She deserves to be happy.

We all do.

orangebikersAs they drove off, I was left with the sound of a roaring Harley and a big smile on my face.  It feels good to feel HAPPINESS for someone else.

My heart smiled today.

1111_0065 bwThanks, Ronne.  I owe you one.

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