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Big Secret?

It’s no big secret I’ve been living at the ball fields all summer, right?

I know I keep promising NO MORE tee-ball photos, but gosh these kids are too darn cute to withhold!  Plus, what else am I supposed to show you if I’m mostly shooting tee-ball?  I’ve barely had time to eat, much less snap any family photos.  It looks like you’re stuck with these adorable kiddos for now.  Just two more games, though, and I’m all done with summertime sports for this year.

team_0063Have you ever tried to get 11 four year olds to line up in a straight line?  What about kneel down on one knee?  It’s not easy.  That’s all I’m going to say about that.  Whew!  Thank you, Coach Scot, for all your help tonight!

So, you’ve seen lots of the action shots, but tonight we spent an evening at the park getting some cuties to grin back at us for a few seconds.  Here’s a peek at what we got for all you Outlaw parents out there!

All you other folks out there reading this blog will just have to endure!  I know you’ll barely be able to handle it.  Try to be tough.

four-2Why, you ask, is Ty the only one wearing shades?  Well, for those of you who aren’t on my Facebook friend list…he has a major case of pink eye or something like it.  I really didn’t want to gross anyone out with eye goo.  Therefore, I allowed him to bless you with his batman sunglasses!

Remember, he hates for me to take his picture.  So, while every other child is showing me some sort of grin, mine is giving me the stink-eye look – LITERALLY!  Ha!



Much love to you guys on this Terrific Tuesday!  I’m glad you all survived to the end of the post.

Have a great day!

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