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Beautiful Mom Winner…with a bonus!

So, apparently, I’m not very good at remembering things around here.  OR, when busy I get a bit distracted.

Last night, I finished two sessions, got the CDs in the mail today, and even got some prop shopping done!  With all that off my mind, I guess the fog began to lift.  THEN, a little lightbulb moment.  Uhm…HELLO, loser photographer lady….YOU HAVE A CONTEST WINNER TO ANNOUNCE!!!!

Please forgive “loser photographer lady” for not announcing the beautiful mom winner on the day I was supposed to announce her.  I’m over a week late.  I know this.  Since you’ve had to wait so long, I think I’ll also throw in a few FREE prints with this winner’s session.  [**big smile, wink wink**]

Before I announce the winner for this month, please remember I am still accepting nominations for beautiful women you know.  YOU CAN NOMINATE YOURSELF.  The session’s focus will be on the winner, not on her family.  However, if it’s important to her, she can choose to include her family in a few of the shots.  I’m totally okay with that!  I simply want this to be about HER.  To read more about this contest, go HERE.  You may nominate women by emailing me or by messaging me on Facebook.

Here’s the letter I received nominating this beautiful mom winner:

“Just a few reasons why my mom is so special to me…

Having survived Hemangiosarcoma twice, a very rare and deadly cancer, my mother will never be the same. Not only was her strength and unwavering faith in our Lord Jesus Christ revealed, but also her abounding care and compassion for others. On the chemo floor, my mother was enduring 5 days of 24-hour treatment every 21 days for many months. She was one of the favorite patients because of her humor and determination to beat this battle with cancer. During this past year, I have seen my mother grow so much in her faith. Christ has worked through her in so many different ways. If you need something, she is the first to volunteer. If you need prayers, your name is at the top of her list. My mother is my best friend. I can’t say enough about the many different ways I love her! With the 1 year anniversary of her 2nd diagnosis approaching, I can’t help but to reflect on what a miracle it is that she is with us today making a difference in so many lives through her testimony of faith.”

After reading that letter, I was thinking how weak a person I am…How I sometimes complain about random things beyond my control…Or how I gripe about being too busy…etc…etc…

After reading that letter, I started to feel very thankful for my health, my friends, and my family.  I began to feel a bit silly for complaining about such small, mundane things.  I stopped, if only for a few minutes, to breathe in everything that is good in my life.  Because, truly, I have nothing to complain about.

This month’s winner is Bonnie Bower.

Congratulations, Bonnie.  AND, thank you, Lindsay, for nominating such an inspirational woman for this contest.  I can’t wait to meet her and photograph her beautiful smile from the inside out.

See you soon!

BONUS Post!!

More Tee-ball.  Meet Pryce!

hitYou know I can’t write a post without including some sort of photos for your enjoyment, right?  I know you may be tired of all the tee-ball photos, but that’s what my life consists of right now.  It’s June and tee-ball is in full swing.  This time around, though, I wasn’t snapping photos of Ty.  I was snapping photos of this green-eyed cutie!

june_0275When Pryce’s mom saw the photos I’d posted of Ty’s tee-ball team and of the Sweet Cleats, she emailed and asked if I’d be willing to shoot some photos of Pryce’s game.  I thought about it for a split second and then figured, why not!  I love me some baseball!

ewoh-1If you are interested in having some action shots taken of your son or daughter during their favorite sport, you can!  Email me and I’ll give you a personal quote based on the sport and location.  Minimum charge is $100 for 45 minutes worth of action. AND, yes, you will receive a disc including print release which allows you to make as many reprints as you’d like for personal use.

Okay, enough about me.  Back to Pryce!

What is it about baseball players and their hat?  I always seem to get this shot.  It’s perfect, though, isn’t it.

june_0084-bwgo-1Pryce was all business in that green uniform.  It’s obvious, he has “baseball fever” bad.  I can’t wait to see what he looks like on the field in a few more years!

june_0024june_0007That was so funny!  Every time the ball was hit, he’d bounce in the air just a bit from the exhileration of it all.  Hilarious!

Here he is running the bases after a pretty good hit, himself!

On first base.

june_0254Made it to second base!

june_0258Headed for third!

june_0256Go, Pryce, go!

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