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Batter Up!

Last night I spent the entire evening at the ball fields.  You see, my grown up little man started tee-ball this year.  It’s the first sport we’ve let him play.  I’m not really sure it was a great idea, but I figured the social aspect of it would benefit him if nothing else.  After all, Ty is my shy one.  I also thought since he’ll be starting Pre-K this fall, it couldn’t hurt to let him interact more with some kids his age.

At any rate, I’ve mostly left the camera at home since I usually have a two year old attached to my hip.  But, for a couple of games, I’ve made a pretty decent effort to get some good photos of the players in action.  It’s a bit of a challenge for me since I’ve never really been much of a sports photographer.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done my fair share of team photos – just not action shots.  So, here we go…

This is how Ty usually looks when in the outfield.  He really doesn’t move a whole lot – even when the ball comes his direction.  Hopefully, he’ll figure it out one of these days.

teeball09_0222This week’s game was a scorcher.  Most of the kids were really hot and tired by the time “game over” was called.  I couldn’t  tell you who won and I don’t think most of them could either.

teeball09_0405I took a million different photos, but I won’t be sharing all of them since I’m not sure their parents would love having the photos here on my blog.   However, many of the families are past clients of mine and I figure they know the routine and will get over it.  HA!

Keep in mind there was no shade whatsoever and the lighting was changing constantly.  Some shots are really blown out, while others seem dark.  BUT, I love them all the same!  Just look at this little cutie!

hutchIt’s so funny how the boys seem to have their tongues out in nearly every shot!  I wonder if that makes them run faster, hit the ball harder, or concentrate any better…

I guess I’ll have to ask them.


Spencer would run the entire field after a ball if you’d let him… AND, watch out once he gets it because the little guy can run like the wind!


Speaking of Spencer, here’s his big sis who I just happened to have in class a very long time ago…  She’s a pretty good score-keeper, too!  Love ya, Miss Lydia!


Ty got to be one of the team captains at this week’s game.  I’m pretty sure all that meant was he helped decide who took the field first…  Way to go, Ty!


Did I mention it was a HOT game?  Just look at that red face!  Oh, and don’t forget to check out the cool Batman sunglasses…you wouldn’t want to miss those.tybat-1More action from Spencer!

outlaws_0130teeball09_0325teeball09_0254Way to keep an eye on him boys!

Hey!  The girls can move quick, too, ya know!


Once the game was over, Ty decided to give up his team coke in exchange for a fruit punch snow cone!  Probably not a bad idea…teeball09_0489This week we stayed late to see his cousin, Kensy, play.  You’ll see more of her team tomorrow…but, for now, here’s a tiny peek of what’s to come!

Kensy is on the right acting like a goofball.  Can you tell she’s related?  Be sure to take notice of the polka-dot socks and the name…Sweet Cleats!

teeball09_0728Lordy be!  Thank goodness I have boys!

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  • Lydia - June 4, 2009 - 11:26 am

    oh my goodness-i look like such a goofball! thank you for taking these though, i love the b&w of Jake, and Spence getting that out. i also looove the scorebook and line-up…so cool.

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