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Another “Beautiful Mom” Winner…

First, let me say that since starting this monthly giveaway, I have heard some of the most amazing stories from folks like you who have been inspired by women you know and love.  Each time I read your nomination letters, I am touched by the emotion and lifted up by the kind words you have to say.  I want to say thank you to all of you for taking time out of your busy schedules to nominate someone you know for her wonderful spirit and beauty that is more than just skin deep.  I feel truly privileged to meet and get to know these awesome ladies.

This month is a tiny bit different, because I somehow feel closer to the winner.  We met over a year ago when I was lucky enough to photograph her family.  They were so spunky and spirited, and I had so much fun getting to hang with them!  I didn’t even realize back then the many challenges they face.  I now have a deeper respect for them and all they’ve achieved.  It must’ve taken great courage to become the awesome family they are today.


You’re probably wondering how in the world I could’ve learned so much about a family in just a year, especially since I haven’t even seen them since then.  It’s a phenomenon called Facebook.  You’ve heard of it, right?  Isn’t it great!  This awesome mother of 4 befriended me on Facebook and in doing so allowed me to keep up with her daily life and family.  I recently learned of the struggle she’s facing with one of her daughters.  So, as I was reading the nominations this month, her’s stood out among all the others.

Here is the nomination letter from her husband, written back in April:

Good Evening Shannon,
Isn’t Facebook a wonderful format for communication?

I would like to nominate my wife Pamela Fox.  She has been nothing but a blessing to our children as well as me.  In case you may have forgotten, we have four daughters.  Ashley 15, Alexis 13, Adison 7 and Alyvia 5.  Alexis is a survivor of congestive heart failure shortly after birth.  And Alyvia was born with no right hand.

Pam has been one of the most wonderful sources of encouragement to the children and this old man.  She has never let the children look down or get away with saying “they can’t” do something.   Because of her attitude and drive she has instilled in our children a sense of confidence and happiness.

Pam is constantly taking our children after her job at ****** Elementary to soccer, dance or any other school activity that might take place in the evening.  She misses out on so many things she would love to do because of the children.  I want to cry for her at times as she shows an attitude of selflessness.  Even if she gets a nail appointment she makes sure some of the girls get to go and get their nails done with her.

It would mean so much to us as a family, but most of all for Pam to have a session for herself.

Oh, perhaps the strongest reason is she puts up with BRENT FOX, daily.

Isn’t he sweet?  He has a sense of humor, too!

As you read, their daughter Alexis has some heart complications and is currently preparing for heart surgery.  Please keep her in your prayers.  I know that soon I will be able to update you by sharing some gorgeous photos of mom and daughter, post surgery, to prove how wonderfully Alexis is recovering.  Until then, congratulations go out to our July “beautiful momma” winner….



I can’t wait to celebrate your wonderful life and family once again!


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