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A Little More Fun

If you’re tired of hearing about our lake weekend, turn away from the computer now.  I have so many photos to share and not just for you guys, but for my family, too.  They are waiting anxiously for lake photos and I’ve never been one to say no.

airWhile at the lake, we spent a LOT of time swimming but even more time sleeping or lazing around in the house….just enjoying the fact that we could.  Luckily, Reese was there and he was REALLY good at entertaining our children and his.  HA!  By the end of the weekend, I was calling him “Big Guns” Travis.  I think it fits, don’t you?

flyWhile snapping these photos, I wasn’t squatting or running in circles searching for the best angle…I was curled up with a blanket in a big squooshy chair.  It was awesome….

_mg_7363-bwDon’t feel bad, Reese got to curl up in the chairs, too.  He recently added to his family and little Sylvie Jane gave him a perfect excuse to hang out on the sofa.  We spent many a moment watching the squirts jump and play…


and take advantage of Sylvie Jane being out of her bassinet.  Who knew it could be so enticing…

_mg_7284Sloane sure looks cute in there, though.  Doesn’t she.

_mg_7330-bwOkay…enough of the house….you guys want to see REAL lake photos, don’t you.


Even Wes loved riding on the SeaDoo.

img_7462-bwThe boys talked Josh into taking a turn on the tube.  I’m pretty sure they were trying to kill him….

joshBUT…he had his chance for paybacks…He’s the driver in the next few!

img_7545paybackWhile the macho big guys were trying to show each other up….

_mg_7385Wes and Grandma hung out enjoying the comforts of lake food.  HA!

img_7570-bwEven Barney enjoyed some time on the SeaDoo!

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  • Stephanie - August 17, 2009 - 9:52 pm

    I think I now this guy! In fact, I think I used to work w/ him for a short period of time. Is he a computer guy? If it’s the same guy (really, how many Barney’s do you know) I worked w/ him at Hogan Information in ’01! Weird!

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