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A Family Affair

I had the pleasure of snapping photos for the Fullbright and Moore families yesterday.  These two families are a TON of fun all on their own, but you put them together and man-oh-man, it’s an event!  Yes, they are related.  We didn’t pack them all in together for the fun of it, but it would’ve been totally cool if we had.

The nice thing about this group is most of them are pretty used to having me “all up in their face” with a camera, even the kiddos.  So, they just giggle for me like they are supposed to (with the exception of Chloe :)) and we go about our photo-taking business.  It works out perfectly.

This time around we walked the alleys of OKC to get some nice urban shots.  The sun was starting to set, the kids were awesome, the men behaved, and it was just as good as hanging with friends on any other given day.  Who knew I was actually working.  Thanks for that, you guys.

After review, I think these shots are turning out to be my favorite photos for each of these two families.  There’s so much personality that comes through.  I’m smiling just looking them over again.

Of course, like with any photo session, we started growing tired near the end.  It was time to hit 7-Eleven for a Dr.Pepper Icy (or that’s what the kiddos kept telling us).  I’m thinking I may have to make a run today, too, if it’s really true.  Do they seriously sell Dr. Pepper flavored frozen treats?  I’ll never be the same.

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  • Jennifer Moore - May 18, 2010 - 8:34 am

    These are FANTASTIC!!!! I am so excited and can’t wait for the rest. You are so good! Thanks for capturing our memories!!!

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