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2 Year Old Fun

We finally celebrated Wes' birthday LAST NIGHT.  I know, it's really bad to wait a whole week, but he's been sick and that's just the way it went.  He had a great night and received lots of super cool b-day stuff, mostly books.  We LOVE books around here…especially since they aren't toys and take up a lot less room!

This little guy couldn't have been in a better mood which was SPECTACULAR!  He's growing so much and is still SO little.  Ty was huge at 2 years old.  BUT, I have to say, being small suits Wes.  He's got all this personality packed into a pint size package.  It just fits!

AND, he still loves to have me take his picture.  That ROCKS! 

It's been a great weekend – pretty slow-moving and easy.  No sessions, which was nice.  We did have to make a trip to Wal-mart, which is never nice.  The boys were AWESOME except for dumping coke in the buggie, and we all made it out alive.  I'd say that makes for one happy Saturday.
_MG_0151_0121 bw 


Have I mentioned I absolutely LOVE living in the country on 10 acres?  I do.  It makes me smile.  It makes me happy.  I love our neighbors, the fact that we have lots of critters running around, and that my boys can jump on their John Deere ride-ons and head all over the place exploring.  It's perfect… 

EXCEPT for the whole "living in a tiny trailer until our house gets built" part!!!!!!

That part drives me nuts!  I HAVE to be outside if only for a wee tiny bit each day.  This winter stuff makes me BLAH!  Which is why the weather this past week has been so GREAT!  The boys got to play in the leaves and I got to take photos and play along with them.  Those photos are coming!

For now, I just want to keep staring at these brown eyes!  Please excuse the dirty face.  We have no time for wiping when the weather is pretty.



Even Zipper enjoyed some of the play-time action with us…


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  • Mindy - March 2, 2009 - 7:12 pm

    Is Zipper a lab?? I have a black lab named Jake!! =)
    Pictures look great, love that you live in thhe country, how peaceful…

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