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Wes is getting around well these days.  He's BIG on climbing.  Yes, I said climbing.  He nearly gives me a heart attack on a daily basis.  Honestly, I don't know how to keep him from it – he literally climbs onto the end tables beside the couch and hangs out there beside the lamp!

If he's not on top of the end tables, the kitchen table (SERIOUSLY!), or the coffee table…then he's trying to get out the front door or into the dryer!  The CLOTHES DRYER people!  Say, WHAT?????  Yep!

So, I've given up trying to rescue him and figured I'd let him fall a few times so he'd know how it feels and would quit this climbing business all together!
Friday Night 023

I'm starting out small.  This is Ty's "small" slide (he's actually out-grown it).  Wes is constantly trying to get up there and do a little dance at the top.  So, go ahead little man!
Friday Night 024

Friday Night 026

Hi there!
Friday Night 031

Gotta check out all the angles…
Friday Night 042

Zipper, you want in on some climbing action?
Friday Night 046

Time to slide!  Normally, I hold his chubby little hand about now…but not this time!
Friday Night 047

Whoa!  AND…he's off!
Friday Night 048

Friday Night 049

What a horrible expression!  BUT, wait…

It didn't phase him a bit!  He was back up and ready to go in no time!


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  • cynthia - September 9, 2008 - 3:59 pm

    ok, those are funny! i love his face in those last two…
    funny how they will do that OVER and OVER!
    like your pp too!

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