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10 on Tuesday

I’m starting to become a slacker, aren’t I.  I admit it.

I promise to do better…

Today, I wanted to do something a bit different for me.  I’ve been writing various ideas/cool things down for months thinking I’d eventually share them with you.  The problem is I never get around to it.  So now, I’ve have this big list of all kinds of random “stuff”.  I figured it’d be easiest to do a 10 on Tuesday post and get ’em all out there.

Here goes….

10 on Tuesday

1.  HEADS UP!  I’ve got a BIG “End of February” session sale in the works for folks who book AND shoot their session before the end of the month.  Keep an eye on the blog for more info.  I’ll be posting the details THIS week!!  For those of you who’ve been waiting around and hoping for a sale, this’ll be the one you don’t want to miss.  Just sayin….

2.  I’ve been wanting THIS print ever since Christmas when my sister had the brilliant idea of purchasing it for my mom.  It’s completely killing me that it’s on sale right now.  The problem is I don’t want to actually buy it until my house is finished.  I figured if I had to wait, I should at least let you guys check it out.

3.  I’ve said this on Facebook, but I’ll say it here, too.  I really want to find a great place online to back up my personal photos.  I already have two external hard drives for my pro stuff.  But, it’d be nice to know that no matter what, I’ve got all my stuff safe and sound online somewhere.  Please share if you know of a super cool site that’s easy and quick to use.

4.  I found Red Letter Words through Erin a few weeks back and  I’m so glad I did!  I seriously love everything about them.  First of all, I really LOVE letters and words in any form.  But, these are so high in “cool factor” that I simply can’t resist.   In fact, I’m pretty sure there are about 10 different ones I’d like to have.  Here’s just one shot I stole from the Etsy site.   I will definitely be purchasing it in the near future.

5.  I admit to having an extreme addiction to journals (any size or type – I love them all), but lately it’s been really bad.  I discovered, over the holiday break, I can find them really cheap at Ross.  Yep, I’ve just discovered Ross.  I know, I know.  Many of you have been shopping there for years, but for those of you who know me, you know how much I HATE to shop.  The fact that Ross has all these great discounted journals may cause me to change my mind.

Sadly, the local (small-town) pharmacy happens to carry journals, too.  It’s causing me a bit of trouble…

uhm…the princess one is actually a purchase I made for my niece.  It just hasn’t found her yet. :)

6.  She is causing me to GAIN all the weight I’ve lost in the past 6 months!  Anyone else having the same trouble?

7.  Does anyone else know about  I may be a little behind, but I just discovered it and I’m in love…  I can purchase books at drastically CHEAP prices!  I mean it – it’s cheap, really cheap.  Have I mentioned how much I love to read?  Well, I do.  When I don’t have a book around and one waiting in the wings, it makes me kinda sad.  This site ROCKS!

8.  My boys have discovered Lincoln Logs.  I have, too.  I mean, I knew they were around, but I never really played with them before.  I spent more than a couple of hours building various barns and such today.  What fun!

More on that later…

9.  I’ve been looking like crazy for some fun design books or magazines.  The problem is my style is a bit old west/country with some modern thrown in.  I love antiques, mixing things up – instead of matching, and finding an awesome bargain at a flea market that needs a little love.  Any of you wanna share your favorite design magazines or websites?

10.  I’ve been looking like crazy for an ice machine that can go in our new kitchen or even in the garage if I can’t make the kitchen work.  It has to be the good ice, though, and a small to medium size machine….nothing industrial, please.  Those of you who actually have one of these, PLEASE tell me where to look.  So far, I’m having a bit of trouble finding exactly what I want.  I’m thinking it may save me a whole lot of money in the future, if you know what I mean…

Gosh, I have a bit more to share, but if you’re still reading at this point, I hate to bore you with EVEN more.  I guess I’ll hold the rest for another time.

Have a spectacular Tuesday – check ya later, dudes! :)

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  • Shannon - February 16, 2010 - 7:59 am

    Love it !!!

  • Patricia G - February 16, 2010 - 12:19 pm

    Check out All for that print, you might find it there for a little less;-) And yes, PW makes dieting very hard! Im loving her cookbook though.

  • Sara Hale - February 26, 2010 - 4:59 pm

    I have an ice machine in my kitchen (the small, square ice). We bought it at Metro builders. I think they just changed there name though. It is like a ice chest that produces ice. It doesn’t stay really cold like a freezer-weird. It is a little noisy however. Your free to come check it out! :o)

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